Finds Photoshop Volunteer

16 March 2020
The Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Essex is based within Colchester + Ipswich Museums and each year records hundreds of finds, made by members of the public, from across the county. The process involves creating digital records for the public archaeological database Every object much have an accompanying, high quality photograph and this is where we are appealing for help.
Ideal skills
  • - Working independently
  • - Photography
  • - Computers + technology
Ideal interests
  • - Computers + technology
  • - Opportunities in Colchester
  • - Opportunities in Ipswich
  • - Archaeology collections

Are you interested in volunteering for this opportunity?

What’s involved?

This project will run from April until September 2020. It can be completed anytime during the week and from the comfort of your own home.

Duties include using image manipulation software to create high, publishable quality images of finds that are recorded by the FLO. The volunteer will need to have their own access to Photoshop at home, as well as knowledge of how to use it. Raw images will be sent to the volunteer via email, who will then create a standardised ‘finds image’. Details of these standards will be fully explained on the training day.

Why get involved?

Volunteering with us offers a great opportunity to anyone with a keen interest in the arts or museums, or looking for valuable experience for the future. The Finds Photoshop Volunteer will receive a full day finds photography and photoshopping training session led by the FLO (and follow-up sessions if needed). They will be contributing towards high quality records for the public, on behalf of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). Any images produced by them can be credited and used in a portfolio.

How to get involved?

To be considered for this role, simply sign up and express your interest before 9am on Monday 16 March. You may be contacted for an informal interview via telephone later that week, if successful, invited to attend an induction and training. We are extremely fortunate and typically receive more expressions of interest than we can accommodate. If you are unable to get involved this time around, please do continue to follow us and hopefully another opportunity will arise in the coming months.

Are you interested in volunteering for this opportunity?