Wikipedia Content Creator

28 June 2024
Join our mission to enhance the digital presence of Colchester and Ipswich Museums! We're seeking enthusiastic volunteers passionate about history, art, and culture to help us expand the knowledge and appreciation of our museums and their treasures on Wikipedia. Whether it's creating new pages or enriching existing content, your contributions will shine a light on our unique collections and exhibitions, connecting them with a global audience.
Ideal skills
  • - Working independently
  • - Computers + technology
  • - Attention to detail
  • - Writing and research skills
Ideal interests
  • - Computers + technology
  • - Opportunities in Colchester
  • - Opportunities in Ipswich
  • - Archaeology collections
  • - Social history collections
  • - Art collections
  • - Natural Science collections
  • - World Cultures collections
  • - Museum studies
  • - Digital engagement

Are you interested in volunteering for this opportunity?

What’s involved?

Your role will involve researching our collections and exhibitions to create informative, accurate, and engaging Wikipedia pages.

This can also include editing and updating existing pages with new information about our museums and the artefacts within our care.

If needed, you’ll be given access to resources and training on editing, ensuring your contributions are valuable and adhere to Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Why get involved?

By volunteering, you'll play a crucial role in enhancing the visibility and understanding of our museums' collections and their historical significance. Your efforts will contribute to the global pool of knowledge, making information about history, art, and culture accessible to everyone. Along the way, you'll develop valuable research and digital publishing skills. Furthermore, you'll become part of a community passionate about museums, heritage, and education, connecting with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for preserving and sharing knowledge.

How to get involved?

To express your interest, start by signing up through our volunteer registration form, making sure to highlight your enthusiasm for the Wikipedia project. Once we receive your submission, we'll reach out to arrange a casual chat to discuss the role further and see if it aligns with your interests and skills. Following a successful conversation, we'll invite you to an in-person induction to welcome you aboard.

Are you interested in volunteering for this opportunity?